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Our On-Line Catalog

F & K Cigar Co. has designed this web page and on-line catalog
as a service to both its retail customers and all tobacco consumers.

If you are a tobacco consumer, feel free to browse this on-line catalog 
and use the locator to find a shop near you.  Your patronage is appreciated.

If you are one of our retail customers, you may now conveniently place 
your order on-line.First, you should log in.  You may go back and log in by clicking here.
To see the brands available, click on the appropriate category found on 
the top left of each screen.  By clicking ‘GO’ with the respective brand 
hi-lighted, you can see information pertaining to items of that brand, and 
usually item pictures to complement the details.  Selecting items you want 
to order is as easy as filling  in the quantity  of items to the right of the
description and clicking ‘BUY’ to take you to your shopping cart.  Keep in 
mind that some items and prices refer to boxes, or other multi-piece units.  
If you are unsure of what you are ordering, please send a brief description, 
including the item number and name to: info@FKCigar.com 

When you are ready to complete your order click ‘Check Out’ on the left of 
the screen, and follow the directions.

F & K Cigar Co. reserves the right to place a maximum and/or minimum on 
the cost or quantity of any order.

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

All items may not be available in all areas.


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